Symptoms of cell phone battery dying fast

There are symptoms of cell phone battery dying quickly. The phone battery will start to function abnormally after some period of usage. As soon as these symptoms are noticed, it is advisable to adopt a good battery care practice, change the battery or buy a new phone.

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symptoms of cell phone battery dying quickly

  • Battery percentage reducing more than usual.
  • Unable to hold a charge for long.
  • Phone overheating without any serious usage.
  • Phone going off on intervals.
  • Drastic reduction. For instance, the battery percentage reducing from 100% to 80% – 70% when you just made a call.
  • Sometimes, the phone battery won’t be charging or adding some percentage while plugged in with a very standard charger.
  • A physical symptom is a swollen battery. A swollen battery will definitely function abnormally. Bad charges and low voltage cause phone batteries to swell.


Most times, phone users intentionally drain their battery phones. These practice leads to slow damage to the phone battery and will lead to symptoms of cell phone battery dying quickly.

How to drain battery phone

How to drain battery phone

  • Leaving many apps to run in the background.
  • Constant use of the phone to play games.
  • Using the phone to record videos or taking photos for a very long time.
  • Browsing and downloading from the internet often.
  • The high rate of social media app usage.


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