Samsung’s foldable phone to be launched alongside the Samsung Galaxy S10

Following quite a some rumors, analysis, and anticipations, Samsung at last announced February 20 for its 2019 Galaxy unpacked event in Sans Francisco where it is expected that Samsung will announce its tenth anniversary with Galaxy S10.

Samsung has begun applying for help and support for the upcoming device, and during the time spent doing such, the Korean firm has dropped an inconspicuous insight that proposes the long awaited  Samsung’s foldable phone may be launched alongside the S10.

samsung foldable phone

The indication is contained in an open air advertisement raised by the company in Paris. The advertisement which is raised in one of the real open squares in Paris – Place de la Concorde makes it certain the Galaxy FOLDABLE PHONE will dispatched alongside the Galaxy S10.

foldable phone

What is less clear anyway is whether Samsung will name the foldable phone Samsung Galaxy X, Galaxy Flex or Galaxy F. While the entire specs sheet is still under the wrap, reports have it that the device won’t just have double screens, yet in addition a triple rear camera, 12 GB of RAM, and a Snapdragon 855 processor.


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