Phone battery draining fast; why is my phone battery dying so fast?

Phone battery draining fast
Phone battery draining fast

There are various reasons why a phone battery is draining fast or quickly. In this post, you’ll discover the answer to the question, “why is my phone battery dying so fast?” or “what is draining my phone battery”, also you will know how to make phone battery last longer or how to save phone battery.

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Phone battery draining fast
Phone battery draining fast

Why is my phone battery dying so fast?

1.      Running apps in the background

The phone battery dies quickly due to some reasons like running apps in the background that might be using so much processor and network. Apps like games require much processor and RAM to work and sometimes, we usually forget to turn off such games after playing them; sometimes we might not know that some background download is happening right there on our phones thereby leading to the maximum use of phone network and data.

2.      Overheating of the phone

Overheating of the phone can lead to phone battery dying fast. When we use the phone to stream videos, play games, browse the internet and more, we discover that the phone overheats. During these processes, we notice that the phone is usually hotter than it should be. These processes lead to phone battery dying quickly.

why is my phone battery dying so fast?

3.      Low battery capacity

Normally some phone batteries are not really meant to last longer on normal circumstances. smartphones with 2000 mAh batteries to 3000 mAh batteries will manage to last for few hours and are subject to heavy usage. Therefore, before you get a smartphone, you should ask for “how long foes the cell phone battery last”, or know the cell phone battery life expectancy.


4.      New phone battery first charge

When we get a brand-new phone, we are always in a mad rush to start using the phone without considering the new phone battery first charge. The new phone battery first charge is essential and a considerable factor that affects how long the phone battery will last at the long run. The new phone battery first charge should always be carried until when the phone reaches a 100% battery charge.

5.      Cell phone battery life expectancy

At a point of the cell phone usage, the battery of the cell phone will be approaching its “cell phone battery life expectancy”. This means that the battery has gotten weak, or it means that the chemicals are weaker than they were before. The sad truth is that they were never made to last forever.

why is my phone battery dying so fast?

6.      Use of wrong charger and low voltage.

If you use the wrong charger or a low voltage to charge your phone, it will definitely damage the battery. You will know when the phone battery is swollen. When the phone battery is swollen, it means that there is an electrochemical reaction that has happened between the chemicals of the battery and the current coming into it. Poor current and wrong charger lead to swollen batteries and may even cause the cell phone battery to explode. Cell phone battery explosion can also be caused by overcharging the phone or using a charger higher than what should be used to charge the phone.


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