network Generations

Network Generations

Network Generations 2G 2G is the 2nd generation of mobile phone communications network.  The name is  given to original GSM, CDMA, and TDMA networks. It uses the spectrum more efficiently than analog (1G) systems and offers digital encryption of conversations. 2G networks introduced data services for mobiles starting with SMS.   3G 3G is the …

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GPU (Graphics Processing Unit)

What is GPU (Graphics Processing Unit)? A Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) is a single-chip processor primarily used to manage and boost the performance of video and graphics. It is just one of the parts that make a computer work and tick over speedily. Its main responsibility is ensuring content displays and renders on your computer …

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memory card slot

Memory Card Slot

What is memory card slot? Memory Card slot or SD card slot, is a spot or a provision made on electronic devices where portable card that stores data in flash memory, used in digital cameras, computers, and other devices is placed on the device. An SD card slot is a slot that allows you to …

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What is a chipset? A chipset consists of microchips that can be used together to serve a single function and are therefore manufactured and sold as a unit.  As mobile gaming is increasingly gaining popularity, users have become more aware of the various types of GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) chips that come as part of …

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operating system

Operating System

What is an operating system? An operating system (OS) is the software that allows a user to run other applications on a computing device. It is the base infrastructure software component of a computerized system. It oversees and controls all major operations of the computer. The most widespread computer operating systems are Windows from Microsoft …

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What is Multi-touch? Multi-touch technology is the ability a touchscreen or trackpad to sense input from two or more points of contact at the same time. And Multi-Touch Implementation are found in: Mobile phones and tablets Trackpads for use with laptop and desktop computers Touch tables, touch walls and whiteboards Although it is most commonly …

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screen type

Screen Type

What is the Screen Type of a Smartphone? There are many different kinds of screen types available for smartphones and it is significant that we have a clue about these screen types before buying them. The screen also adds in test of screen types to know their Contrast Ratio, Color Calibration, Brightness and Sunlight Legibility. …

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screen resolution

Screen Resolution

What is Screen Resolution? Screen Resolution is the quantity of pixels on a display or in a camera sensor (specifically in an alphanumeric image). An advanced resolution means more pixels and more pixels provide the ability to display more graphic information. Screen resolution is the number of pixels. The image on your computer screen is built …

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