multitouchWhat is Multi-touch?

Multi-touch technology is the ability a touchscreen or trackpad to sense input from two or more points of contact at the same time. And Multi-Touch Implementation are found in:

  • Mobile phones and tablets
  • Trackpads for use with laptop and desktop computers
  • Touch tables, touch walls and whiteboards

Although it is most commonly used with touch screen displays on smart devices, such as phones and tablets. Multi-touch has been made for other surfaces as well, including touch pads and mice, whiteboards, tables and walls.

Multi-touch also refers to the capability of a touchscreen (or a touchpad) to recognize two or more points of contact on the surface concurrently. The continuous tracing of the multiple points allows the mobile phone edge to recognize gestures, which enable advanced functionality such as pinch-to-zoom.

Apple is the pioneer company to introduce of multi-touch technology on mobile phones with their first iPhone. The pinch-to-zoom and rotate gestures was introduced by Apple which are now available on various Operating systems.

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