Mobile messaging

mobile messaging

What is mobile messaging?

Mobile messaging involves sending and receiving of information mostly in text, image and recorded media forms from a mobile phone to another mobile device.


Different types of mobile messages

  1. Short Message Service(SMS) SMS typically allows for text messages with a maximum of 160 characters per message. It is the most common type of text message and is supported by a large number of mobile phones.
  2. Smart Messaging These messages may comprise non-text content, they still use SMS text data stream to transfer the data.
  3. Extended Message Service(EMS) has the ability to format the text messages including the font size, font color, font style and text and picture placement within a message.
  4. Multimedia Messaging Service(MMS) MMS standard includes the ability to create messages with text, picture, music and other content. MMS messages may consist of multiple pages, each page with its own text, picture, music, etc.

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