Memory Card Slot

memory card slot

What is memory card slot?

Memory Card slot or SD card slot, is a spot or a provision made on electronic devices where portable card that stores data in flash memory, used in digital cameras, computers, and other devices is placed on the device.

An SD card slot is a slot that allows you to insert a secure digital memory card into a computer, printer or other device. SD cards are commonly used to store images taken on digital cameras. These are frequently used in mobile phones. Adaptors are usually provided to allow you to plug these smaller cards into an SD card slot.

Memory cards have different capacities and are used to store and transfer files between compatible devices. There are several types of memory cards. The most popular and frequently used by mobile phone manufacturers is microSD.

Memory card slots can have various supported memory card capacities. Depending on the device, card slots can support capacities of up to 2, 4, 8, 16 or even the yet unavailable 32GB.

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