How to save the phone battery and keep the phone battery healthy

How to save the phone battery

A healthy phone battery gives rise to reliance on the phone. If the phone battery is unhealthy, there will be less reliance on the phone. There are ways to save phone battery from getting faulty. There are also some ways to fix a phone battery that is damaged or malfunctioning. Below are a few tips on how to conserve phone battery and keep it healthy.

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 How to save the phone battery

How to preserve phone battery

  • Avoid excessive use of phone apps at a time or for a very long time.
  • Make sure that the phone was fully charged for the first time it was a charge. (when the phone is bought newly, don’t be in a haste to use it, give it a proper first-time charge).
  • Avoid using low graded or unstandardized chargers for charging the phones. Use specified chargers that will deliver the required voltage and amperes to charge the phone.

How to save the phone battery

  • Avoid using the phone until 0% battery status. Once the phone reduces to 10% to 5%, plug it to get a charge or better put it off until when you can get it charged.
  • Install some battery managing and maintenance apps like the phone master. This app can freeze some apps, free the CPU to some extent, optimized the rate at which battery charges, give an estimate of when the battery will attain full charge and when it will reach 0% capacity.
  • Use the standard and stipulated amount of voltage and current to charge the battery. This will also make the battery charge as fast as it should without any atom of delay.
  • Avoid constant usage of power banks and laptops to charge phones. Always use the charger head to charge the phone.
  • Too much gaming on the smartphone causes battery drainage, therefore, reduce the rate at which you use your smartphone to play a game.
  • When you are not using the mobile data, put it off. If not off, it will lead to battery drainage at a faster rate.
  • Check if there are auto-updates. Auto-updates leads to automatic downloads whenever the mobile data is on. And most app developers release updates on a weekly bases. Imagine if you have up to 10 of such apps on your phone and all are set to update automatically. That means that your battery will drain at will. Therefore, disable some auto app updates.
  • Social media apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, snap chat, etc. should be set not to use the network when they are not on. When they use the network in the background to receive messages, it will lead to unusual drainage of the battery.
  • Always read the phone manual to know the way to give the new phone battery care when unboxed.
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