How to empty the recycle bin on android phones

empty the recycle bin

A recycle bin is a folder in a smartphone where deleted files a temporarily stored. This recycle bin is usually a hidden folder in the file manager. A very simple way to gain access to the recycle bin on android devices and delete the files there is by installing the ES File explorer android app from their official website. Once installed, follow the steps below to access the recycle bin in android.

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1. Open the home screen of the app just like the image below.

empty the recycle bin

2. Click on the three horizontal lines at the left top of the home screen. A menu will pop out from the left side off your screen.

recycle bin in android

3. Scroll down and activate recycle bin for android if it is inactive.

recycle bin on android

4. Go back to the Home screen and click on the “Analyze” button. The app will analyze the internal and external (memory card) memory of your smartphone.

recycle bin for android

5. When the analysis is done, you will have the result of your memory usage. Scroll down the result till you see “junk files”, click on it to open.

6. You will see “recycle” (recycle bin) with the memory it is consuming at its right side. Click on the small circle beside the “memory value” so that it turns green.

recycle bin

7. Check if there are any other junk file you may like to delete permanently and also click them.

8. Click “CLEAN NOW” to empty the recycle bin.

delete the recycle bin

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