Mobile Browser

mobile browser

What is a mobile browser?

Mobile browser is an application in smartphones that connects to the Internet through a cellular network or a wireless LAN (local area network).  Some mobile browsers can display regular HTML sites, while others can only display websites that have been specially formatted for mobile browsers.

A mobile browser is a piece of software that allows the user to access Internet sites.  It is is a web browser designed for use on a mobile device such as a mobile phone or PDA. Mobile browsers are optimized so as to display Web content most effectively for small screens on portable devices. Mobile browser software must be small and efficient to accommodate the low memory capacity and low-bandwidth of wireless handheld devices.


Examples of mobile browsers include

  • Bolt
  • Firefox for mobile
  • Internet Explorer for mobile
  • JB5
  • Myriad
  • NetFront
  • Novarr Vision
  • Obigo
  • Opera
  • Opera Mini
  • Ploaris
  • Skyfire
  • uZard

See also: RAM (Random Access Memory)

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