What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is wireless communication interface which allows electronic devices to connect and interact with each other. It doesn’t rely on Wi-Fi, or mobile data or a cell network It can be found in a number of gadgets, from smartphones, to loudspeakers, to laptops and more.

The “Bluetooth” name is taken from a 10th-century Danish king named Harald Bluetooth, who was said to unite disparate, warring regional factions. Like its namesake, Bluetooth technology brings together a broad range of devices across many different industries through a unifying communication standard.

The Bluetooth technology can be a drain on battery power for mobile wireless devices like smartphones. Also, the range is fairly limited, usually extending only about 30 feet.

Parameters of Bluetooth devices

  • Class: “Class” signifies the distance at which a Bluetooth connection is possible. Most mobile devices are Class 2, which means they have a range of up to 10 m. Class 1 devices are rare and have a range of up to 100 feet.
  • Supported profiles: A “profile” is a type of Bluetooth connection. The most common are the Headset (HSP) and Handsfree (HFP) profiles that enable the device to connect to a wireless headset or handsfree.

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