Android Apps to Delete

android apps to delete

You might be wandering the android apps to delete when you feel the need for it or when the necessity comes up. Google recently removed some apps for android on play store with a total number of downloads greater than 8 million from the Play store.  Some of the apps are HiddAd apps, which are the type of apps that will hide their icon after installation and afterward, create a shortcut on Home Screen.  If you launch the Apps via the shortcuts, the apps will display screen ads on your screen if your internet connection is on. These lead to data charges that you didn’t plan. If you have some applications like these types or you are looking for android applications to delete, check the list below;

The android apps to delete are:

According to Mirror

  • Flash On Calls & Messages
  • Read QR Code
  • Imagine Magic
  • Generate Elves
  • Savexpense
  • QR Artifact
  • Find Your Phone: Whistle
  • Scavenger – speed guard
  • Auto Cut Out Pro
  • Background Cut Out
  • Photo Background
  • ImageProcessing
  • Background Cut Out New
  • Auto Cut Out

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More Android apps to delete include;

According to LifeHacker

  • Smart Gallery
  • Saveinsta Uranium
  • Mini Lite for Facebook
  • Free FM Radio Online
  • Free Video Download
  • Water Drink reminder
  • Smart Notes for you
  • Du Recorder
  • Tank Classic
  • Heroes Jump

android apps to delete

What other Android apps can I delete?

If you are still asking “what android apps can I delete?” or you are still looking for app to delete on android, you may consider deleting any application you don’t really use. Any application that seems to drain your battery, use most of your RAM or wastes a lot data may also be deleted. You can check your battery, RAM or data usage statistics to know which app is using most of these things in your device. When you find the application, go ahead and delete them.

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