Oppo may announce its new 10x hybrid zoom technology on January 16

oppo - 10x hybrid zoom technology

OPPO has announced that it will be holding the “OPPO 2019 Future Technology Communication Conference” on January sixteenth. The theme for the conference is “Ten for the See”. It is theorized that OPPO may bring 10x hybrid optical zoom technology thinking about the nearby likeness with the theme of the event.

oppo 10x hybrid zoom technology

A month ago, OPPO’s multi-zoom technology patent surfaced on the web. It is theorized that the patent suggests that OPPO is building up the 10x hybrid zoom technology. The OPPO 10x hybrid optical zoom technology isn’t unforeseen. As ahead of schedule as the World Mobile Communications Conference (MWC) in 2017, OPPO was the first to present the 5x hybrid optical zoom technology.

10x hybrid zoom technology

At the core of this technology is a double lens which depends on a double zooming lens for zooming. OPPO’s 5x optical zoom technology requires a more extended proportional central length. As far as optics, it requires a more drawn out refractive separation. All together not to expand the thickness of the mobile phone, OPPO utilizes a periscope module as a zooming lens.

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In contrast to the common vertical lens module, the OPPO’s zooming lens is evenly put inside the mobile phone through a reflective prism. It refracts light onto the image sensor, so it can enormously diminish the size of the lens. As indicated by the official information from OPPO, the thickness of this lens module is just 5.7mm thick. Furthermore, OPPO additionally puts OIS optical enemy of shake on the fax end, so that after the 5x optical zoom is turned on, the image won’t be shaken much of the time because of the long separation.

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